Why smart IPTVs are worth all the fuss

Why are smart box IPTVs worth all the fuss? Now, this is a relatively interesting question because it indicates that you are most likely just hearing about smart IPTV or SuperBox IPTV. If that is the case, then you are in for a pretty decent treat that is IPTV. You might have heard about smart box IPTV is from friends, family, or just somewhere that you can’t entirely recall.

 So far, smart IPTV box subscribers have exceeded the 30000-mark. On that note, you might be wondering what motivates more than 30000 people to turn from cable TV to SmartBox IPTV. By the end of this article, we should have the answer to your question as to last many more interesting facts about IPTV services. But first, what is SuperBox IPTV and how does it work?

 What you need to know about Smart IPTV

First things first, smart IPTV or SuperBox IPTV is a television service that enables you to stream TV channels in realtime. So far, smart IPTV enables its subscribers to access more than 3000 channels and that number is been improved upon every single day. Out of these 3000 channels, more than a thousand of them HD channels.

With IPTV, you equally have access to premium channels including 18+ VOD channels. Not to mention, the unlimited access to PPV events being on the various channels. You get to enjoy these PPV events without having to pay a single extra dollar. The only amount of money you pay a lot to enjoy IPTV smart services is the money you used to buy and set up the IPTV smart box.

What are the Types of Smart IPTV Boxes?

There are two distinct types of IPTV smart boxes. 

The first type is the SuperBox S1 Pro. This particular SuperBox allows you to have access to your lifetime of free subscription for IPTV services as soon as you pay. Additionally, it is relatively simple to set up, hence is especially appreciated by first-time users of IPTV services. This IPTV box is set up at just $299.

The second type is the SuperBox S1 Plus. This smart IPTV box has all the awesome features the first type has and so much more. It has more memory than the S1 Pro as well as a longer warranty period.

Why you Should Consider Using Smart IPTV

At the end of the day, the ruling or deciding factor will be your finances. “How much will and spend on IPTV and why?” SuperBox IPTV subscriptions are cheaper than your regular cable TV subscriptions by a long shot. Within America, you pay at least $100 monthly for good cable TV access. Compared to the onetime payment he will be making on IPTV, it’s already obvious which would be a better option financially.


At this point, you already know all the basic information needed to know concerning IPTV. Besides, just in case you’re wondering IPTV subscriptions are illegal, they are not. If you need more information you could easily visit the SuperBox IPTV official website.