About us

Meet Eddie

Eddie is the creative force behind Toby Corton’s Take, a blog dedicated to exploring and dissecting contemporary lifestyle trends. With a sharp eye for what’s new and what’s next, Eddie has established himself as a leading voice in lifestyle commentary. His background in design and cultural studies enriches his observations, allowing him to provide nuanced perspectives on the ever-evolving dynamics of modern living.

At Toby Corton’s Take, Eddie delves into a variety of topics that resonate with today’s lifestyle enthusiasts. From the latest in urban living and sustainable practices to breakthroughs in wellness and technology, Eddie’s posts offer a thoughtful analysis of how contemporary trends influence everyday life.

Our Mission

Toby Corton’s Take aims to provide readers with thoughtful and informed commentary on the current landscape of lifestyle trends. Eddie’s mission is to not only track these trends but also to offer insights into how they can be integrated into daily living for a more vibrant and fulfilling experience.

His writing captures the essence of new innovations and the cultural shifts that shape our society, providing a compass for those looking to navigate this complex terrain.

Connect with Eddie

Eddie and the team at Toby Corton’s Take are passionate about fostering a community of informed, style-conscious individuals. We invite you to join the conversation by engaging with our content, sharing your views, and suggesting topics that matter to you.

For collaborations, inquiries, or just to share a tip on the latest lifestyle trend, you can reach Eddie at [email protected]. Whether you’re a long-time reader or new to the site, Eddie looks forward to hearing from you and expanding the dialogue around contemporary lifestyle choices.

Explore Toby Corton’s Take and immerse yourself in the world of lifestyle trends with Eddie. Here, you’ll find not just information, but inspiration to enhance your way of living in tune with the modern world. Let’s explore together what it means to live stylishly and sustainably in today’s fast-paced society.