Use barriers and covers to prevent insects from entering a stainless steel cat water fountain

You’ve got this fancy stainless steel cat water fountain, but you don’t want those pesky insects, especially those annoying mosquitoes, to turn it into their personal pool, right? No worries; here’s a straightforward guide on how to keep those bugs out using barriers and covers.

Why Bugs Are a No-Go

Before we dive into solutions, let’s understand why you want to keep bugs away. Insects can carry diseases and make your cat’s water a lot less appealing. Plus, it means more cleaning for you.

Get the Right Stuff

Choosing the right barriers and covers is the weapon of the game. Here are your options:

Mesh Screens

These are like your first line of defense. Put a fine mesh screen over the water openings of your fountain. Bugs stay out, and water flows freely.

Dome-Shaped Covers

Some fountains come with these dome-shaped covers that you can pop right on top of. Bugs can’t land on the water or get to it.

Custom Covers

If your fountain didn’t come with a cover, don’t worry. You can make your own using materials like plastic or metal mesh. Just make sure it fits snugly.

Putting It All Together

Once you’ve got your barriers and covers, make sure they’re set up the right way.

Mesh Screens

Attach the mesh securely, so there are no gaps for sneaky bugs to get through.

Dome-Shaped Covers

Follow the instructions that came with your fountain to place the cover correctly. You want it to be stable and not tip over.

Custom Covers

Measure your fountain and create a cover that fits like a glove. Use clips or fasteners to keep it in place.

Keep It Clean

Taking care of your barriers and covers is key.

Regular Cleaning

Take them off and give them a good clean as often as you clean the fountain itself. This stops dirt and debris from attracting bugs.

Check for damage

Every now and then, inspect your barriers and covers. If you spot any wear and tear, fix or replace them ASAP.

Keep an eye out

Stay vigilant to make sure your cat’s fountain stays bug-free.

Bug Patrol

Every so often, peek into the water to see if any bugs managed to sneak in despite your best efforts.

Top It Up

Keep the water level where it should be to make sure it stays fresh. Stick to your regular cleaning routine.

Think About Extra Bug Defense

If you want to go the extra mile, consider using citronella candles or planting mosquito-repelling plants near the fountain. These can help keep bugs away from your cat’s water source.


By using barriers and covers, you’ll stop bugs from turning your stainless steel cat water fountain into their own private swimming pool. It’s all about keeping your furry friend healthy and happy and giving you one less thing to worry about. Enjoy your insect-free cat fountain!